Pine Key
for sale! 
In Bitcoin
Auction begins 03.15.2021 

Ever dreamed of owning a private island?

NOW is your chance!

We are auctioning off up to 33% ownership of Pine Key,
better known as “Beer Can Island” for Bitcoin! 

 Current highest bid $30,000 per 1%

**Auction Extended through April 30th, Pending finalization of sale**     

This auction includes up to 33% ownership of the island and the businesses associated with the island. Which includes the below entities. 
1. The Pine Key Project LLC (parent company)
2. Tiki Bay Island LLC (catering company, liquor, food, and beverage licenses)
3. Pine Key Tampa Bay LLC (deed holder to the island)
4. Beer Can Tampa Bay LLC (membership company)
5. BCI Boats LLC (tittle holder for our boats and shuttle services)

The 33% of shares may be broken up and sold 1% at a time to 33 different buyers or the entire 33% to one individual or any variation thereof.

The minimum percentage that you can bid on is 1%. We will accept bids on 1%, 5%, 10% etc... However, If one individual has the highest bid for the entire 33%, there will only be one winner.          

Only serious bidders will be accepted; therefore, we will require a fully refundable deposit of 0.02 BTC or 0.5 ETH, along with a signed letter of intent to enable you to place a bid.

The deposit must be made in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

The letter of intent must be filled out and signed, then emailed to

Download the letter of intent here “Letter of intent link”.


QR Code and wallet address

BTC deposit address: 3JyKiks2tahPfjJirK13TQ65QCWfA9qyuR


Deposit 0.02 BTC to the above address or QR code to enable bidding.  


QR Code and wallet address

ETH deposit address: 0xc887753C5C803732cfa62BA7ABeD999995c7F00B


 Deposit 0.5 ETH to the above address or QR code to enable bidding.

March 15th, 2021

Auction begins
We have decided to manually review and accept bids, instead of an automated system to prevent spammers, bots and non-serious bids, this will also make it similar to a silent auction, only the highest bid amounts will be displayed on this website and updated 1 or 2 times daily.

Emails will also be sent to all bidders 1 or 2 times daily until the auction ends, make sure to whitelist, so our emails do not end up in your spam folder.
To begin bidding… 

1. Download the letter of intent, sign and email to
2. Send the refundable deposit of 0.02 BTC or 0.5 ETH to the address above.
3. You will receive a reply email that step 1 and 2 are complete along with further instrucions on how to place bids. 

After that you will be able to bid on the entire 33% or any variation of, 1%, 5%, 10% etc…


• Bidding will begin on Monday, March 15th, 2021 and end at Midnight, Friday, April 2nd, 2021.
• The reserve price will not be announced publicly and if the reserve price is not met by Midnight, April 2nd, 2021, there will be no winner(s).
• The winning bidder(s) will have 10 days in which to transfer their bid amount in BTC or ETH to a wallet that we designate after the auction has ended.
• All deposits will be refunded to the sender’s wallet within 10 days or less.


Any Questions feel free to email Russ anytime.

Below you will also find frequently asked questions and answers. 

Questions and answers

Pine Key, Tampa Bay 

• Q: Can I earn commision for referring a potential buyer?
• A: Yes, when a bidder sends an email to us to get registered, they must mention your name and your email address.
• A: If your referral is the winner or one of the winners, We will pay you 2% of the final sale amount in BTC or ETH.

• Q: Can I make an offer on more than 33% or even 100%?
• A: We will entertain all offers, as they say everything has it's price. However, Four of the five partners are not looking to sell at this moment.

• Q: Is the island profitable?
• A: Yes, in 2019, our first full year in business, with only one small tiki bar, the companies grossed just shy of $500k. Sales come from membership dues, food, beverage, merchandise and booking fees.
• A: However, in 2020 due to Covid-19, we were only open for a few weeks, grossed $64K in Food and beverage and $37k in membership fees. We had multiple weddings and other events booked in 2020 that we had to cancel unfortunately.
• A: The island hosts a variety of events for members, private parties, corporate events, and team builds to earn money.

• Q: Will my purchase price be considered a “capital contribution” and be returned to me at some point?
• A: Yes, A and B shares are scheduled to have their capital contribution returned to them as profits come in. All those details are outlined in our operating agreement(s).

• Q: I heard you are having problems with the county, what is the status on that?
• A: The nuisance violations have been dropped as of February 2021. The other 2 violations are construction without a permit and no approved site development plan.
• A: We are in the process of getting the island zoned with the county, which will include the site development plan etc… That application will be submitted mid-March 2021, at which time the county will drop all violations.

• Q: Is the island shrinking?
• A: There has been erosion over the past 60 years. However, The main part of the island that has held together for decades is the section where large trees are growing and the east side beach.
• A: We have hired engineers and planners to install GEO-Tubes and a living shoreline to prevent further erosion. Once installed mother nature will naturally build up new acres of white sandy beaches. This process will take some time, around 2 to 3 years.
• A: We are also in talks with the previous owners about dumping more sand on the island for free.

• Q: How many acres is the island?
• A: Our most recent survey was completed in June of 2020, showing upland of 8.874 Acres and shoal area of 60.429 acres for a total of 69.303 acres. You can download a copy of that survey here.

• Q: What is the legal description of the island?
• A: All of that certain island in Tampa Bay at north latitude 27 °48’29” West, longitude 82 °26,46”, which at high water extends approximately 628 feet east and west and has an average width of approximately of 119 feet, being known as “Pine Key” and also known as “Paradise Island”, together with all riparian rights including the rights of accretion which are appurtenant to said island, and also the shoal area surrounding said island.

• Q: Is the entire island members only?
• A: Due to covid-19 to minimize the number of visitors we decided to make all of the upland a members only area. However, once covid-19 is in our past, we may open back up to the general public. Anyone can pull up in a boat and hang out without a membership, we have no jurisdiction over the water.

• Q: Why did we decide to create the membership program in the first place?
• A: This is what keeps us legal with the type of liquor license that we have. Plus it has helped weed out some of the bad apples that used to frequent the island causing problems.

• Q: Where can I find more information about the types of memberships being offered?
• A:, click memberships.
• There are many plans in the works, feel free to ask and/or stop by the island to see what the future plans are.

Other questions that I receive via email, I will reply, plus post those Q's and A’s here. Check back for updates.

Boat party

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